IT infrastructure solutions and services for railways, airports, electrical networks and infrastructures or telecommunications.

At CIC we develop IT infrastructure solutions in order to achieve efficient and intelligent infrastructure management.

  • Private network management of telecommunications: Simplify digital transmission networks management. A scalable solution with all enterprise functions that monitor, set up and maintain multi-vendor critical networks. This solution improves operational efficiency, accelerates acquisition systems and preserves the validity of the data, while allowing you to focus on the key network events.
  • Field Service Management: connect your employees with your company from any device. Display and editing forms, data capture with advanced documents scanning, mcommerce payments, geo-location, generation of routes, maps, alarms, e-signature, workflow management, resistance to data disconnection, users management, enterprise apps integration increasing productivity and minimising faults.
  • Cyber security, information security and IT security: cyber security based on Prevention/Protection/Action. The objective is to be prepared to perform and minimise security information incidents and critical infrastructures, both of which, to be protected. We provide our own products and services aimed at cyber security, security information and IT security.
  • Operational Network Centre (NOC) outsourcing: network or services outsourcing allow proactive supervision and management of corporate network infrastructures. NOC services cover all corporate IT infrastructures.
  • Energy efficiency and intelligent building management: at CIC we are highly specialised in infrastructure management solutions, providing complete supervision of infrastructure elements of consumers, as well as, an enterprise mobility channel to inform and manage all maintenance and repair tasks both combined with field work. The goal is to achieve better building performance and efficiency, by means of optimising the efficiency supervision, energy management, sustainability and preventive maintenance. Building automation provides control, security and energy efficiency through absolute control of infrastructure elements like lighting, security, assets and the supervision of building facilities. IoT devices collect real-time information and data from internal and external environments and the supervision of building security.

A well planned IT infrastructure management solution reduces costs significantly and raises income.

The implementation of multiple automation technologies enables you to make changes within the infrastructure in a fast and consistent way. From CIC we want to help companies decide what is the best technology for their infrastructure management and, therefore, achieve better, more reliable and efficient infrastructure.

  • Telefónica
  • Adif
  • Renfe
  • Celsa Group
  • Ferrovial
  • Cellnex
  • Aena
  • BT
  • Autoridad Portuaria de Santander
  • FCC
  • Canal Isabel II
  • Empark
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