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How Predictive Data Analysis Can Add Value to your Organization

análisis predictivo

The ability to anticipate a problem through predictive data analysis outweighs monitoring.

What would happen if we could anticipate problems in our organization?  Detect leaks? A downed network? A malfunctioning machine before problems arise?  Well, it can be done with predictive monitoring software.

Predictive monitoring software has the ability to track, monitor and analyse components in IT and OT.

Performance process supervision attempts to detect and diagnose a problem, through gathered and analysed information, that allows IT equipment to resolve incidents quickly without causing any interruptions.

What is predictive analysis?

Predictive analysis is a branch of data analysis that uses the data to make predictions on the state of infrastructures or processes.

Making future predictions significantly improves the decision making process.

This analysis includes data mining, automated learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse data that will be useful to predict the future.  This can help your organization predict possible interruptions or errors.

The main challenge for organizations is to know what needs to be measured, and later how to do it.  It is, therefore, very important to go deeper into what the relation of all the elements involved is.

In order to be more productive, predictive analytical tools need to gather data randomly on multiple occasions to create a baseline on which the analysis can be precisely applied.

The benefits of predictive analysis

The main benefit of predictive analysis software is saving two valuable resources; time and money.

Predictive analysis can be more advantageous for your infrastructures and achieve your sales targets.

Determining energy patterns, consumption,  work with forecasts or other scenarios.

It allows IT departments to detect anomalies and prevent future interruptions. The traditional method is to establish threshold alerts to obtain timely updates.

Making predictive maintenance easier: It allows one to locate the root cause of the errors and predict the time until the next one will occur and the remaining service life.

Optimizes the performance and quality of IT operations: Accesses past IT data, signals, error rates or any network failure of a process and takes preventive measures.

Increases company security: Mitigates any cybersecurity threat as it recognizes anomalies  in data that originates from apps, systems or IP addresses.

Forecasts investment needs in network: Maps out the tendencies in the general use of the network and makes predictions based on predicting budgetary needs.

Mantenimiento predictivo

Why is predictive analysis key in a corporate strategy?

A predictive analysis strategy is key if you want to anticipate future risks and detect opportunities.

At CIC, we are continuously working on preventive maintenance projects.  If you are interested in adapting your business to a predictive analysis platform you can contact us.  We will sit down with you and study your case and find the solutions that you are looking for.

proyectos de análisis predictivo

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