Business intelligence

Business intelligence tools allow users, at all levels of your organisations, to take better decisions and in a quicker fashion.

A few decades ago, businesses equipped their management systems to store data. As the years passed, the quantity of stored data has grown continuously and comes from many different sources.

Handling this huge amount of data in real time, allowing for the possibility to integrate them, store and analyse them, is only possible with a business intelligence (BI) tool.

Businesses that know how to take advantage of their data are more productive and are more profitable than businesses that don´t.

In order to get a competitive advantage and differentiate your business, one has to know one´s strategy, technology and role, so you can better your Business intelligence.

What exactly is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence includes methodologies, technologies, infrastructures and tools that allow access and analyse information with the objective of improving and optimising performance and decision-making.

BI collects, analyses and transforms unstructured data into structured information with the aim of analysing it and turning it into know-how.

Data – Information – Know-how – Decisions

With a BI solution, a business leader can:

  1. Observe – What´s happening?
  2. Understand– Why is it happening?
  3. Predict – What will happen?
  4. Collaborate – What do we do as a team?
  5. Decide – What road shall we follow?

There are Business Intelligence solutions for every requirement

  • Balanced scorecard (BSC) and operational dashboards.
  • Decision Support Systems (DSS)
  • Executive Information Systems (EIS)

Advantages of Business Intelligence tools

To have information at the tips of your fingers, the users of BI tools can have a great influence on the company´s bottom line.

The main objective of Business Intelligence in a company is to let executives, sales managers and other workers take better informed decisions. Corporations also use Business intelligence tools to reduce costs, identify new business opportunities and detect processes of inefficient businesses.

These tools have a myriad of applications in the following of strategic or budgetary objectives, more efficient processes, lower operating costs and obtaining knowledge for the decision making process.

Advantages of Business Intelligence tools are:

  • Optimises internal business processes
  • Accelerates and improves the decision-making process
  • Allows for decisions to be based on concrete evidence
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Offers complete visibility in business operations
  • Boosts income
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Gives you a competitive advantage and differentiates you from your competitors
  • Detects new market tendencies
  • Strengthens analytical and planning capacity
  • Detects problems and errors
  • Enhances strategic vision
  • More efficient processes
  • Better customer service
  • Provides detailed centralised reports

All companies need Business Intelligence

BI solutions can be applied at all levels of an organisation. At each level, detailed information can be analysed, offering a detailed snapshot for managers to be able to take more intelligent and agile decisions. BI solutions gather data from all areas of the company: Financial Department (expenses, suppliers, maintenance, sales, projects…) Technical Department (alerts, maintenance…) Sales Department (payments due and received…) Business Processes Management BPM (presentations and workflow, customer service…) Business Intelligence solutions can, therefore, provide you with segmented reports, strategic information, tactical or operational, depending on the company´s requirements.

At CIC we develop bespoke business intelligence solutions for a clients to meet their needs for proper data management.

At CIC we can customise Business Intelligence tools for any requirements you may have:

CIC carries out BI projects for organisations that need to obtain valuable information that is scattered throughout its systems in order to take proper decisions. When designing a customised project, we firstly, study your needs, select the most adequate tools, study the available data and we integrate them in the new BI data model. We later analyse them and give them shape according to the end users needs. The objective help business leaders take the right decision.

At CIC we have the experience and capability to transform your business data into information, and that information into productive knowledge, so that you can optimise the decision making process. When confronted with the challenge of creating BI tools, at CIC we offer solutions to the following:

  • Access data from anywhere and in real time
  • Intelligent data analysis simply presented
  • Modern user interface
  • Unified and integrated data, applications and processes
  • Optimise time in producing reports
  • Automate metrics distribution
  • Identify inconsistencies in data
  • Control the quality of services
  • Get, keep and achieve customer loyalty
  • Produce intuitive reports and visual dashboards
  • Control production lines
  • Analyse production quality
  • Analyse supply chain
  • Sales analysis
  • Risk management
  • Financial indicators management
  • Financial estimates management
  • Detailed access control

Transform your business with a business intelligence tool

Discover LUCA BDS , CIC´s Business Intelligence tool. It´s the technology that works as a key and strategic factor for your organisation, as it brings a huge amount of connected, correct and trustworthy information to decision makers.

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