Smart Cities

Our technological solutions can be applied to modern city´s new management models. Our business experience allows us to create valuable solutions, not only to the problems of modern businesses, but today´s cities too.

IDboxRT, LUCA BDS and FIELDEAS are our platforms for cities and services, but for citizens as well. Our technologies are transforming cities, bringing about sustainability and more intelligent urban environments. The result being a more integrated and efficient city.

Our tools for the public sector and citizens allow for a better quality of life for citizens; cleaner, healthier and safer cities. All done without any additional cost to citizens and huge savings for the public entities. The platform collects data from multiple sensors (garbage collection, lighting, parking, parks, gardens, incidents, etc…) throughout the city is compiled and we put it on a dashboard enabling decisions to be taken. Furthermore, by means of processing the information gathered, we can find behavioural patterns that can predict situations, which allows us to anticipate potential problems and solving them before they occur.

What is Smart City?

Smart City means the use of technology with the objective of achieving better urban management and improved services for its residents. The aim of every smart city is to create a sustainable and innovative environment that works efficiently at all levels.

The digital transformation of cities in Spain is just beginning, even though some important steps have been taken with cutting-edge initiatives and very positive experiences.

Applying IT solutions to public services is the wave of the future. From managing the water and electrical supply, to improving transport and mobility, to public safety, to managing assets, to public infrastructures, to civil protection, to creating a business friendly climate, to value added businesses, to citizen participation, the possibilities are endless. Today, the only way for a city to move forward is to become a Smart City. Technology is the main pillar of this transformation, putting tools in the hands of its residents that allow them to enjoy better and more efficient infrastructures, networks and public services. These tools allow members of the community to interact by sharing information.

Our solutions

Smart Cities are a great opportunity to efficiently manage a city´s future. By applying new intelligent analytic models which play a key role in using information for the decision-making process. This translates into more operational efficiency, cost reductions and better quality services. Data, from different sources, that analysed as a whole, results in error free decisions. It can be applied to reduction of energy consumption, optimisation of public transport routes, decongesting traffic, reducing water consumption, quality infrastructure management, increased public safety and many other applications.

Solutions based on Big Data technology

Solutions come in the form of our operational intelligence IDboxRT and Field Service solutions FIELDEAS, that bring process and service automation, operational efficiency in public services, energy savings in installations and a better understanding of how the city works. All of which allows for better strategies for continuous improvement in all aspects of a smart city.

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