Come and work with us to change the future

At CIC we recognize talent, offer possibilities for growth, professional development and continuous training to our employees.

Come join our team of experts in the complex challenges we face and reach heights that you never before thought were possible.

Would you like to help us develop the new technologies and innovations that will shape our future?

We are looking for responsible, dynamic people, who are at the same time creative and want to learn, with initiative and are able to adapt to face the challenges of today’s ever changing world.

If you have a positive attitude and feel you will bring added value to your job CIC might be the place for you. If you are eager to collaborate and can communicate in teams, your profile fits us at CIC.

What will you find at CIC?

  • Passion and innovation

We create, we think, we are qualified and, above all, we work well together. We are looking for people that are passionate and have initiative in an environment that foments technological innovation.

  • Diversity

Diversity creates an environment where there are more opportunities for success. We are looking for great minds from all walks of life. Your sex, age, background or disability is irrelevant to us.

  • Flexibility

At CIC we have opted for flexible timetables, work-from-home and in the summer, for three months, a continuous workday.

  • Sustainability

We are leaders in finding solutions for sustainable development.

  • Multidisciplinary environments

We want people who follow their own path, who love to learn day by day and promote their own autonomy in Multidisciplinary environments.

  • Training

Learning is a continuous endeavour, it is a key factor in one’s professional development and in the way we manage changes.

  • Headquarters

We have offices in Santander and Madrid.

  • Globalization

We work on innovative projects in more than 40 countries.

CIC en más de 40 países

Our way of working is changing, our work environment is not simply a place where we go do a job, but a place where we connect with other people and develop technologies to advance collaboration and innovation.

Looking For Your First Job

Are you looking for your first job? This is your chance. Put a focus on your career and discover what your interests are and what motivates you. At CIC you will be able to work on national and international projects.

We put emphasis on continuous training for our workers, so they can be the best that they can be. CIC believes in long term career development and knows that people need to be challenged and motivated in order to grow.


Are you looking to change your job? CIC is looking for highly skilled professionals with experience. If you fit this bill, CIC can offer you a chance at growing professionally.

You will be able to work hand in hand with other professionals, as well as being able to work independently on innovative projects for important clients.


If you haven’t finished your degree yet, CIC can offer you internships that will allow you to guide your career based on your interests and personal and professional motivations.

In this way, you´ll be able to orient your career according to your needs and experiences, while at the same time gaining experience.

Internships are a great opportunity to grow and reach your true potential. At the present time, more than one third of our staff began their careers as interns.

CIC offers you an excellent work environment, teamwork, top-notch professionals, challenges and especially professional growth.

Are you interested in receiving information about our courses with the possibility of being hired? or, are you a training center and looking for internships for your studentsnwith experts in their fields?

Get in touch with us at [email protected]

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