The automotive industry is an enormous production line that is in constant motion. Components manufacturers require certain digital transformation projects for their operations.

At CIC we have the solutions to your needs and we adapt ourselves to your industrial needs with the best possible technological solutions available in the automotive industry.

At CIC we put all our enabling and facilitating technologies to work for you so that Industry 4.0 and Machine Learning will become a reality in your production facility. We set up monitoring systems, collection, storage and data analysis systems. Machine Learning algorithms learn in real time the “standard” behaviour of the signal and through new technologies are able to predict, send notifications, identify anomalies at an early stage and detect patterns, all of which add value to your business.

The main objective of manufacturers working in the automotive industry is to save energy in their different production processes creating a connected industry.

The solution for the automotive industry

IDboxRT is the most efficient platform on the market for integrating information, processing Big Data and business analytics. It is able to centralise your production processes and control them from anywhere, on any device.

IDboxRT allows you to supervise industrial production processes, integrating information for different areas, processing the signal received and offering analytical tools that allow you to take operational decisions, as well as, offering new ways of visualisation, thereby, significantly increasing your business´ worth.

Experts in specific technological solutions to increase energy efficiency and the digitalisation of the automotive industry through Big Data systems.

Optimise all your business processes in the automotive industry: refrigeration, energy consumption, the efficiency of your installations, production lines, lighting…

Analysis based on Big Data in the production process allows for the optimisation of production processes, energy savings and increases the efficiency of your equipment.

On the other hand, the main objective of the implementation of FIELDEAS in your business process is to optimise the time for preventive and corrective maintenance on your equipment. For this reason, complete integration with your SAP corporative system is essential.

With FIELDEAS you will have complete traceability and visibility in every job that is performed, as well as, more information for the maintenance department.

The automotive industry is growing so fast that the digitalisation of business processes is necessary to be introduced gradually.

Gains and achievements of the automotive industry with our IT solutions

  • Availability of real-time data of key performance indicators in the production process for the whole organization, which will allow for more agile production.
  • Improvement in production at a lower cost and lower energy consumption
  • Increases precision of certain jobs by reducing human error and allows for maximising resources
  • Simplification and elimination of useless processes that do not add value to the company
  • Control of climatology, temperature, humidity …. For automotive industry production
  • Activation of alarms and warning notices
  • Historical Reports in real time simplifying decision making process in order to achieve energy efficiency
  • Allows for the prevention and anticipation of future events, through advanced analytics
  • Optimises time for resolution of preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Traceability and visibility for every job performed

At CIC we merge an energy management system with the production monitoring system, thereby optimising the industrial process and creating intelligent industry. Therefore, making the best use of your raw materials while reducing waste products. Increase energy efficiency and stay connected at all times to your IT tools, making constant use of Big Data, Operational Intelligence and Machine Learning, allowing for more efficient management through multiplatform apps.

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