Public sector

CIC provides the public sector with IT consulting, outsourcing and software development services, adjusting all the processes to the institutional reality of public organisations.

Our public sector technology solutions enable more efficient management with a direct impact on the public services directed at citizens. Specifically, we have carried out projects for processes improvement and apps implementation that simplify government services in the following areas.

Government Technology solutions

At CIC we have found the best Smart City development and strategy for progressive improvement of cities and governments. We plan innovative solutions and we customise our services and technology solutions to each city´s needs.

  • Employment: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for prospecting and employment orientation.
  • Economy and Finance: Tax management system (SIGETRIM), virtual office, Cantabria tax management system (SIWACAT).
  • Civil Engineering: Management of Environmental Evaluation Files (PSIR).
  • Presidency/Government: Common Electronic Register for file processing.
  • Agriculture: Torrelavega´s Animal Market Management, company animals register (RACIC), Integrated support system (SIA).
  • Environment: Environment information system of the Government of Cantabria (SIACAN).
  • Industry: Registration of buildings energy evaluation certificate requests
  • Healthcare: Access to Electronic Health Record, Emergency Reports, Nursing Reports
  • Education: Consulting of management processes of educational staff.
  • Other projects:
    • Urban areas maintenance and waste management
    • Integration Platform (SOA)
    • Corporate Identity Management
    • Unified app maintenance system (AM)
    • Consultancy integration of digital signature in apps
    • Employee platforms
    • Entities platforms

Local Government technology solutions

  • Executive and voluntary collection management system
  • Online Request Management System for local sports entities
  • Open Data
  • Municipal Mobile Assistant and FIELDEAS (Field Service Management)
  • Business Intelligence
  • User Support

At CIC we know ICT needs for the public sector. We develop projects to generate a new administration, transforming the traditional public sector into a modern and innovative entity with better services to citizens. Through our bespoke software services, the public sector saves money, optimises time and processes and improves control of data thanks to Business Intelligence solutions. Thereby, achieving the digital transformation of the public sector.

  • Ayuntamiento de Burgos
  • Gobierno de Canarias
  • Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas
  • Madrid Digital
  • Junta Castilla y León
  • Bolsas y Mercados Españoles
  • Ayuntamiento de Valencia
  • Agencia Cántabra de Administración Tributaria
  • Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca, Alimentación y Media Ambiente
  • Port de Tarragona
  • Ayuntamiento de Madrid
  • Servicio Cántabro de Empleo
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