At CIC we offer cyber security services for the protection and prevention of any cyber security attack that your company may suffer. For3 is CIC´s strategy to ensure your company´s security.

At CIC we have designed a comprehensive security system for your company´s data. With For3 we have developed a system for the protection of your data and for your reaction to a cyber security attack on your company´s data. Furthermore, through training, sensitization and making your workforce aware, we will promote an IT security culture among your employees.

Cyber security has become one of the biggest challenges businesses have faced. Cyber security management can have a huge impact on your organisation, affecting your company´s reputation, your bottom line and your customer´s trust.

How can CIC help you in protecting your company from a cyber security attack?

Companies must do everything within their means to reduce the risk of a cyber attack. Organisations must implement measures to protect their IT and communications systems.

At CIC, we have developed For3, an all encompassing strategy which offers solutions that will protect you from a cyber attack using a three pronged strategy: Prevention/ Protection/ Action.

For3 strategy to protect a company´s cyber security can be summed up as follows:

AWARENESS: simulations, drills, Training
ENDPOINT: EPP, Antimalware, Hardening
GOVERNANCE: Procedures, incidence management, Security Operations, Compliance

Protect your network. Do you have enough security?

One of the key points in your company is to identify, protect and control the flow of information.  It is important to know your network map, its perimeters and the flow of information in order to apply technical protection measures.

For3 protects the communication routes of your information with services, products and solutions for the protection of the network at all levels. Therefore, we use UTM, WAF systems, access control to the network, secure access, SIEM systems and W6 viewScada among others.

Protect your EndPoint devices

Within our cyber security program, we have to protect our computer equipment that we use for work. This includes fixed and mobile computers that our workers use.

Now, more than ever, it´s time to deploy a system of protection that offers you superior security than traditional anti-malware systems. We offer protection solutions for your PCs, servers and mobile devices. We also offer hardening of the equipment so that only the necessary apps are used as well as disk encryption.

Training and user awareness

Having workers that are aware of IT security and being well trained to defend themselves from a cyber attack is a guarantee of the success of your company. It´s important to understand the problems and risks, and know how to deal with them.

For3 creates an awareness for cyber security through training courses, spear phishing drills and other methods to determine the awareness and exposure to a cyber attack your company is at risk of.

Develop a security awareness

In order to move forward, you have to assess the level of IT security in your company. Measure, assess and put a plan into place to improve security. At CIC we understand that cyber security is a process that leads us to lower the risk of a cyber attack to an acceptable level for your organization.

To establish cyber security awareness, CIC offers you consulting services to develop norms and security standards. As well as auditing, vulnerability analysis and pentesting.

We offer services and solutions for a comprehensive monitoring security system, including incident management, maintenance operations and security operations based on the standards and new regulations like those found in GDPR.

Is your company ready for a cyber attack? At CIC we protect your company´s users, data and assets with our cyber security services.

We offer industrial cyber security services and solutions. Our goal is to go along and support critical infrastructure operators so they can be successful in implanting a cyber security plan in an industrial control systems.

Spain is in 5th position in Industrial Control Systems that are connected to the internet. Cyber attacks are a reality that companies have to deal with every day. These attacks have targeted industrial systems. For this reason, those responsible for cyber security have to be aware and have to protect themselves by setting up barriers, controls and procedures that will fortify their technological infrastructures.

At CIC we are cyber security service experts with over 15 years experience

Our goal is to be your cyber security partner by implementing and maintaining your cyber security plan for your IT protection.

We offer optimum quality, experience, respect for the environment and IT security. We are backed up by an integrated management system which was established in 2014, following the ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and ISO27001:2007, certified by AENOR.

Our knowledge of the regulations, standards and security norms existing in industry, as well as, the methods and techniques used by our team of experts allow us to successfully tackle any cyber security project you may have.

Furthermore, CIC has been accredited by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Melon University with a Level 2 accreditation model by the CMMI.

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  • Palibex
  • Cellnex
  • Universidad de Cantabria
  • Anav
  • Viesgo
  • Iberdrola
  • ENSA
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