OCRE – Digitalized and Automated Document Management

Advanced OCR document management software designed to digitize and automate your business processes.

Transform documents, databases, delivery notes, invoices, contracts, deeds, files, medical records, plans, etc… into processed information.

Much more than just converting paper documents to a digital format; we are talking about an advanced OCR software system.

Performs advanced, automated document capture and data extractions designed to meet the needs of any business or organization.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is an efficient commercial process that saves time, costs and other resources by utilizing automated data extraction and storage capabilities.

Document Automation

Robotic Process Automation software (RPA) reads and processes any type of document instantly and accurately extracts text from documents or forms automatically without the need for any manual effort.

Automates document workflows allowing millions of pages of documents to be processed in hours instead of weeks.

OCR enables the optimization of big data by converting paper documents and scanned images into machine-readable and searchable PDF files. Processing and retrieval of valuable information cannot be automated without first applying OCR.

Document Automation

Processing, Sorting and Extraction of Document Data

Greater speed and reliability with digitized document management. Replace traditional paper processes in a modern, easy-to-manage, searchable and fully compatible way.

With an Intelligent Document automation solution at your disposal, you will improve your document-based processes and be able to:

Save time and money

1. Save time and money

Avoid mistakes and frauds

2. Avoid mistakes and frauds

Increase efficiency

3. Increase efficiency

Centralize and secure data

4. Centralize and secure data

Classify and filter documents

5.Classify and filter documents

Automate your business processes related documents

  • Document scanning and digitization
  • Document and data classification
  • Invoice processing
  • Document type conversion and quality improvement
  • Validation of document data
  • Digitization of SAD Documents for Customs
  • Document management
  • Data extraction from documents with scanning and recognition
  • Workflow optimization
  • Create intelligent searches that allow you to examine documents
  • Delivery notes management

Use a digitized document management OCR for your business

  • Financial or administrative services 
  • Public sector
  • Hotels and accommodation sector
  • Logistics and transportation services
  • Industries
  • Tax and legal

Let machine learning do the work for you

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