SGRwin – Network Management System

Multi-vendor and multi-technology digital transmission network management system

  • Network monitoring
  • End to end (E2E) circuit configuration and display
  • Register, tracking and management of E2E circuits
  • Multi-vendor environment allowing alarm filtering, acknowledgement and suppression

Multi-vendor Network Management System

Each vendor used to have its own network management system, and operators are faced with the complex management of different systems distributed on different platforms.

SGRwin will also allow you to:

  • Visualise internal equipment configuration
  • Detect and classify network faults
  • Alarm tracking
  • Launch vendor’s node manager from SGRwin system

Simplified private network telecommunications management

SGRwin simplifies digital transmission network management allowing for different equipment, vendor and technology to be managed from a single system and platform.

Availability, performance and fault management supervision of digital transmission networks.

Network Management System offers the following advantages:

  • Digital transmission network devices discovery
  • Digital transmission network devices monitoring
  • Performance analysis of digital transmission networks
  • Digital transmission network devices management
  • Intelligent notifications or customised alerts

Sistema de gestión para redes de transmisión digital formadas por múltiples fabricantes y tecnologías

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