SGRwin – Network Management System

SGRwin is a NMS (Network Management System) based on FCAPS

With our network management system, you will be able to manage:

• SDH and PDH transmission networks (fiber, radio, cooper…).
• Packet switched networks (IP, CET, MPLS…).
• Standard DCN network: routers, switches, firewalls, servers, UPS…
• Transmission networks based on MPLS-TP.
• Massive IP element networks (IoT).

Why is SGRwin the best network management system?

  • Consolidates the management of future generation networks and legacy networks.
  • Provides complete information about the network infrastructure (faults, events, assets inventory, circuits, performance information…) from a single system.
  • Reduces OPEX.
  • Decreases the probability of failures caused by human error.
  • Increases protection and security through a system consolidation.
  • Improves cost efficiency by obtaining complete BI reports, investment in other tools is no longer necessary.
  • Full scalability to manage new technologies and vendors.

Design E2E circuits just in a few minutes.

Design circuits in paper, making configurations in different NMS, various human errors and time and resources dedication. Does this ring a bell?

With SGRwin you will be able to execute circuit provisioning in a totally safe way just in a few minutes.

A single consolidated system

With our system, partial views of the network topology in each vendor´s NMS will no longer be necessary since everything is unified.

Neither it will be necessary to use multiple monitors, which often complicates network monitoring and management.

OT & IT convergence from different vendors in a single management platform.

SGRwin consolidates the management of OT and IT networks in the same system. The system evolves from the OT environment to the IT, so it adapts perfectly to the industrial environment and offers better management than any IT management system available on the market

Multi-vendor network management and monitoring.

  • Inventory of the entire network (infrastructure and services) under a single system.
  • Accurate topology maps of the sites, representing your interconnected multi-vendor equipment.
  • Alarm monitoring and event correlation, bringing you event information from your multi-vendor equipment and the way alarms affect and impact the service.
  • E2E circuit provisioning, minimizing errors and time required.
  • Complex reports and dashboards with information about inventory and services, using business intelligence data.

With over 30 years of experience and numerous references worldwide, SGRwin is evolving constantly according to the network evolution and meeting market requirements.

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Sistema de gestión de red

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