Add-ons for Power Apps

Supercharge your Power Apps with Add-ons

Boost your Power Apps projects and take your applications to the next level with our exclusive Add-ons for Power Apps. These powerful features are designed to solve common challenges in process and task management, making your applications even better.

Development Accelerators

Allows you to create custom applications quickly and efficiently. Add advanced features to your Power Apps without having to start from scratch, saving you time and resources.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Increase efficiency and productivity in your organization’s processes. Simplify routine tasks and streamline complex workflows so you can focus on strategic, high-value business activities.

Key Metrics and Indicators

Get valuable information on your application´s performance. Enable key metrics and powerful indicators to measure how well your processes are working.  Make decisions based on this information and which enables you to get a competitive advantage.

Easy Organization and Access

Get personalized document classification, providing easy organization and quick access to relevant information. Keep your files organized and get the information you need in seconds, streamlining your operations and improving your user experience.

Continuously Updated and Improved Solutions

We are committed to offering you solutions that are always up to date and constantly updated. Our development teams are always searching for new features and improving our add-ons, ensuring that your applications allow you to always be one step ahead of the competition.


Discover the full potential of Power Apps and take your projects to the highest level possiblel with our add-ons. Contact us today and start making the most of your business applications!

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