With the apparition of cloud services, any organisation can move its IT infrastructure to an external network.  This has brought many companies to rethink their business strategies and processes, in order to take advantage of new technologies and, therefore, improve their efficiency.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has transformed the way companies work. Today, new companies develop their companies in the Cloud, which allows for a quicker response time to market requirements.

Cloud computing allows access to huge amounts of data without the need of a costly infrastructure, servers, technicians and maintenance people to attend to them.  This entails a huge savings on hardware, software, security, support, maintenance, etc.

Why is cloud computing useful for businesses?

Exploiting the opportunities that new technologies offer is just common sense. Our Cloud services are the answer to many company´s needs.

CIC has extensive experience in all realms of cloud computing. Our services are flexible, secure and adapt quickly to storing data. Add to this the know-how of our professionals, in different industries, to this equation and you have got a winning combination.

What are the benefits of cloud computing services to a business?

The benefits of cloud computing services are too numerous to mention, but here a just a few:

  • Readiness and speed, eliminating the risks of unreliable networks, gridlock or cyber attacks
  • Confidentiality, controlled access only to authorised users
  • Reliability of data
  • Adaptability and scalability, this technology means you can benefit from the latest advances without having to do anything
  • Security, with continuous data analysis, filtering out any unwanted logins
  • More productivity and efficiency
  • Capacity to manage huge volumes of data
  • Integrate easily and quickly with all your company´s apps
  • Reduce infrastructure costs in operations and maintenance
  • Total availability in real time, all you need is an internet connection from any device, anywhere

Traditional datacenters require huge investments, have to be maintained and kept secure. For these reasons businesses are moving to the Cloud.

Gartner predicts by 2025 that 80% of corporate datacentre will shut down and will be replaced by the cloud

CIC´s Cloud Computing Services

CIC´s Cloud Computing Services encompasses the maintenance of domains, hosting and housing services, web apps maintenance, virtual machines hosting in private and public Clouds, Office 365, mobility services, web presence and positioning, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM, Exchange…

  • Pay-per-use

You will pay for the Cloud services you use

  • Scalability

Cloud service adaptable in peaks in demand

  • Elasticity

Adaptation to work load is dynamic

  • On-demand

Only when you require Cloud services

Secure data in Cloud Services

At CIC we meet and surpass ISO 27001 (SI0095/2009) standards that define the requirements for Information Security

Thanks to CIC´s Cloud Services, your organisation can access technological resources, that were once only available to large corporations that could afford them. Cloud services are very beneficial to all size companies. Resources can now be allocated to other areas and you can compete on an even playing field with other companies no matter their size.

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