Monitoring solutions and services, networks and systems management

CIC develops systems management, network and server projects, making use of basic or advanced monitoring.

You will be able to know, in real time, the state of your critical services (emails, ERP, database, web, internet access…). You will be able to receive on your phone or email any alarms that you want.  Furthermore, by means of advanced tools (BI4MON) you can get personalised reports to management or technical staff.

We build your project from start to finish: consulting and customised study, design, supply hardware and software, construction, deployment, installation, maintenance and integration with other systems and environments.

All our projects always offer complete availability, always in keeping with the basic premise of reliability, secure and easy access and, of course, a full guarantee.

We bring experience, the best professionals, a proven methodology in all our products and support of the best in class manufacturers by means of partnerships (HP, Microsoft, Linux…)

Typical Working Environments:

  • Licensed Management Software (Microfocus Openview NNM, SolarWinds, Castlerock, Hostmonitor….) or opensource (Nagios, Zabbix…)
  • Bespoke solution
  • Compatible with all Operating Systems (Windows. Linux, UNIX, Solaris…)
  • SNMP and WMI standards
  • SGRwin
  • W6 Datasense
  • ViewSCADA: real time monitoring of SCADA communications
  • Security monitoring of industrial control systems (ICS), in collaboration with Nozomi, Kaspersky ICS, Checkpoint, Fortinet…
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