FIELDEAS – Easy field services

Enterprise mobility solutions allow businesses that operate with field service workers to optimise their processes.

FIELDEAS offers solutions that allow to automate, control and manage processes of any field service worker, connecting him/her to your company through a personal or professional mobile device, while offering a high level of security. All in real time and in the most efficient way for your business.

Our Enterprise Mobility APP solutions impact your business in three areas, with a direct impact on your company´s bottom line:

  • Increase field resources productivity
  • Reduce time-consuming administrative activities related with field services
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Enterprise Mobility means more competitiveness, efficiency and productivity for your company.

Integrate, control, synchronise and supervise your processes on a single platform in real time.

FIELDEAS is more than a field service management tool.

Through our platform, users (field workers) connect to your company providing management data related to processes, tasks and operations. In this way, coordination, geo-location, synchronization, tasks and supervision among others convert themselves into agile digital processes. The company´s governing board may visualise in real time all the provided information of field workers, assign tasks, correct deviations, anticipate possible risks. These are some of the advantages that FIELDEAS offers.

With our Enterprise mobility solution you will save money and time, increasing customer and employee satisfaction.

FIELDEAS is completely adaptable to any sector mobilising your company´s processes without making a huge investment.

The Digital transformation has changed operational processes and enterprise mobility, becoming a crucial factor for any business.

No matter what sector you are in, FIELDEAS will show you a different and innovative way of processes management.

  • Logesta
  • Port de Tarragona
  • Palibex
  • Farmavenix
  • Metro de Madrid
  • Viewnext
  • FCC
  • Almaraz de Trillo
  • Ayuntamiento de Madrid
  • ITM
  • Aguas de Burgos
  • Bosch
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