Energy and utilities

Our solutions for the energy and utility industry are based on our Experience and Know-How.

We understand that every business in the energy and utilities sector is different, and that every company requires different technological solutions. We recognise the needs of every client and we are experts in designing and providing effective solutions focused on their systems and infrastructures.

At CIC our objective for energy and utility companies is to optimise their business processes that are constantly evolving.

We, therefore, are able to offer our technological know-how and experience to the energy and utilities industry so that they run more efficiently, control energy consumption, optimise assets and meet their sustainable initiatives.

We provide a differentiated approach, offering consulting services, systems integration, outsourcing and cyber security for the utilities in the electric, water, oil and gas industries.

At CIC we will guide the energy and utilities sector through all the operations that will increase productivity by integrating all the processes that will result in solid results.

Electric, nuclear and renewables sectors

We provide flexible solutions directed to the needs of energy companies that generate, distribute and commercialise electricity services, maximising their management and compliance processes.

Oil & Gas

Our monitoring and operational intelligence solutions, audits and inspections services, as well as, field service management solutions allow you to gain visibility and understanding; increasing security, reducing risks and costs and carry out better asset management of your company.

Water and Wastewater

We offer energy and operational efficiency solutions for water and wastewater supply networks, wastewater treatment plants for town halls or industry, waste treatment plants, desalination plants, denitrification plants, etc.

At CIC we work with the latest intelligent technologies for the energy and utilities sector

The evolution of Smart Grid and Smart Metering, and in general, the digitalisation of the intelligent distribution network is allowing for operational improvements that translate into better automation, integration, improved efficiency and a higher quality supply system.

CIC is able to provide you with the tools to anticipate network problems, pinpoint the problem, measure by remote control users energy consumption, all through information provided by intelligent equipment installed.

  • Red Eléctrica de España
  • Engie
  • Enel
  • Telxius
  • Hanwha Energy Retail Spain S.L.U
  • Iberdrola
  • Veolia
  • Capital Energy Engineering S.L.
  • Viesgo
  • Endesa
  • Sistemas Integrales Vortex S.L.U.
  • Aguas de Burgos
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