Artificial intelligence

The term artificial intelligence (AI) has become popular thanks to the increase in volume of data, also known as Big Data, advanced algorithms and greater capability to save that data.

AI has also come to be known as using machines to “think like people”.  In other words, machines that take decisions, plan, learn and understand language.

The technology behind Artificial Intelligence is called Machine Learning, which has been designed to make our work easier and more productive.

Why is Artificial Intelligence important to CIC?

  • Artificial Intelligence improves existing products. AI improves existing products because of its learning capabilities. Automation, conversational platforms and intelligent machines can be combined with a huge amount of data to better many technologies in industry, at home or workplace. AI will improve things from security intelligence to investment analysis and everything in between.
  • AI takes full advantage of data. There is so much data because companies capture so many signals. Machine learning and AI techniques help you examine and understand data, that in many cases is unorganised, to obtain something intelligible.
  • Improves efficiency. Technologies like machine learning or artificial intelligence help improves efficiency and reduces errors.

There is a great demand today for what AI can do. Artificial intelligence, against popular belief, is not here to replace us, but to increase our skillset and make us better at what we do. AI´s algorithms for learning are different from how humans learn; AI sees things differently. It finds patterns and relates things that humans can not.

AI´s main limitation is that it learns from data. There is no other way for it to learn. So without data it is useless.

Different techniques that we at CIC work with that function with Artificial Intelligence

At CIC we work with different AI technologies:

  • Neural Networks: The first work undertaken with neural networks gave way to the belief of “thinking machines”. The idea is to provide enough data to the neuronal layers that it recognises patterns, classifies and categorises them.
  • Machine Learning: This technique uses algorithms to analyse data, learn from them and later be able to predict or propose action. The machine is trained by feeding it huge amounts of data letting the algorithms perfect themselves.
  • Deep Learning: The deep advances in learning have boosted AI. It´s an automatic form of learning that teaches computers to learn the way humans do; by examples. It´s a computer model that learns how to perform classification tasks directly via images, texts and sounds. The models are trained through a wide set of labeled data and neural network architecture that has many layers.

With AI you can interact between human and computer language. Thanks to AI developments and programs that we work with at CIC you can achieve a spoken or written dialogue. Structured data are converted into text very quickly, written like humans, but at several pages per second.

Your business will be able to automate decisions and be more efficient and profitable.

They rely on us Let´s start working together!

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