Renewable energy

Digital Transformation of renewable energy industry advances thanks to Innovation and integration of new emerging technologies, such as Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intelligent Sensorization and Data capture, or Blockchain.

Energy companies have the challenge of adapting to advances, transforming their energy sources into renewable and clean sources.

CIC has the experience and technological knowledge necessary to develop new tools and functionalities for massive data processing, in order to become it in a useful and strategic information, adding value to companies and helping the energy transformation in a renewable and efficient way.

CIC technologies in renewable energy

CIC solutions for renewable energy industry, include asset management tools such as wind farms real-time monitoring, operational intelligence tools and integration with control centres.

We integrate data from different sources, such as data collected from the electrical network, meteorological services, SCADAs and KPIs IDboxRT.

Once finished data integration and processing, we make data analysis and configure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including indicators implementation based on algorithms origin on services engineering, development editors and calculation engines of new indicators (BPM) and the development of KPIs for Energy Efficiency, performance and productivity.

Monitoring Tools for Renewable Energy

Through data integration and analysis, we define real time wind turbine indicators in the farm, perform availability and status statistics, and develop custom designs for each wind farm.

State editors in CIC tools, allow gaining visualization and full updating of turbine states.

Power curves allow to do calculations of wind turbine power curve, comparisons and customizable parameterized filtering for each user, wind rose and detect deviation analysis.

Sinópticos de Business Intelligence (BI)

Thanks to Business Intelligence, CIC is able to provide custom and editable graphs for production and income for each user, determine cost, productivity and availability indicators, and design dashboards and Synopticswith all the accessible information visible on a single screen.

Benefits of CIC solutions for Renewable Energy Industry

CIC solutions help companies in the renewable energy sector, to reduce operating costs and improving the quality of the services offered, facilitating the infrastructures connectivity, monitoring, auditing and evaluation of energy consumption.

Using analysis of data from the weather, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction…, for example, renewable energy forecasts will be more accurate and efficient.

Data analysis allows predictions of renewable energy production based on meteorological data. These predictions allow energy companies to make more precise generation and planning offers, ensuring coverage of demand and guaranteeing system stability.

Renewable energies are a more difficult resource to manage than traditional ones, but using predictive technologies it makes them gain a more important place.

  • Viesgo
  • Acciona
  • Veolia
  • Enagas
  • Saeta Yield S.A.
  • Hanwha Energy Retail Spain S.L.U
  • Total Energies Electricidad y Gas España S.A.U
  • Sistemas Integrales Vortex S.L.U.
  • Matrix Renewables (Spain)
  • Repsol
  • Capital Energy Engineering S.L.
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