Energy efficiency

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Today´s quest for energy efficiency is partly due to the limitations that traditional sources of power generation have, higher prices, energy dependence from abroad and its impact on the environment. These factors have forced us to manage our resources intelligently looking for optimisation of energy consumption. The reduction of fixed costs in relation to one´s operating account and positioning one´s brand in a world that is more and more fixated on the environment, are determining aspects in a competitive world.

How can a company achieve efficient management of its energy sources?

By deploying Energy Efficiency Systems (EES) based on the ISO 50001 energy certification. The idea is to implant a working methodology that allows for continuous energy management over time, knowing in real time what is happening in installations that are consuming energy.

More and more information and communication technologies (ICT) are popping up everyday, with field devices or that are able to gather and send data from the business environment (IoT devices). This means that we are able to have more information about our environment, and therefore, a multitude of variables that influence in a direct or indirect way energy consumption (economic, social, environmental, production, technological variables…). These variables tend to be transitional and dynamic in time.

How to manage these amount of business variables that affect energy consumption?

The quantity of information that we receive from different processes needs to be handled by tools and technologies that are capable of dealing with this information.

Big Data technology for efficient management of energy sources

Firstly, it allows you to INTEGRATE multiple heterogeneous variables, economic, social, environmental, etc. Secondly, PROCESS the measured data. And thirdly, ANALYSE data in real time, allowing for the elaboration of mathematic models based on historical data. The tools must be EFFICIENT, SCALABLE and VERSATILE to cover all the company´s business areas.

We provide integrated solutions for energy management of cities, industry, infrastructure and telecommunications.

Our IDboxRT solution provides acquisition, monitoring and analysis of data. FIELDEAS works as a mobile platform that optimises field work in mobile devices. Both platforms have achieved substantial energetic optimisation. Which makes the following possible:

  • Minimises energy loses in a company´s diverse processes
  • More efficient operative processes that contribute to lower energy consumption
  • Optimises contracting energy tariffs
  • Optimises preventive maintenance work in the field

Energy efficiency services:

• Monitoring and control of infrastructures in real time, allowing to compensate for consumption and energy costs
• Automatic warning and notifications when energy consumption is exceeded
• Consumption patterns, anomalies and consumption outside planned time detection
• Correlations between environmental parameters and energy consumption detection
• Different types of analysis to back up decision making process application
• Protocols on measurement and verification implementation to supports of ISO 50001
• Baseline establishment for Energy Reference to monitor the degree of compliance with energy performance indicators
• Prediction of algorithms
• Maintenance optimisation (rounds, preventive, proactive and reactive maintenance)

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