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Conference on the Future of Adapted Technologies for Mobility

This past February 19th an R&D Open House was held, where the future of technologies for mobility was studied.

The conference was organized by Railgrup and CIC Consulting Informático.  Participants were able to share their knowledge, interact, help in the decision making process and enjoy a good day’s work.

A bus took the assistants from the city centre of Santander to CIC´s installations in the science and technology park (PCTCAN).  Those attending were able to do some sightseeing, were introduced to the park and CIC´s headquarters.
Once settled, the conference was inaugurated by Enric Ticó, President of Railgrup and Ramón López, CEO of CIC Consulting Informático.

The day was divided into 6 sessions, all dealing with different subjects: cybersecurity, mobility, monitoring, communications and the challenges facing large enterprises regarding mobility in the railway sector.

Bruno Espinar, Area Manager for Mobility 4.0 and Digital Innovation at RENFE, opened the proceedings talking about the transition that is taking place at RENFE, from being a traditional railway company to one where integral mobility is offered.  He presented his company’s strategic plan for 2019-2023 that is based on the following pillars: The digital transformation, cultural transformation and strategic alliances.  The latter is to be based upon a focus on the client, internationalization and security and efficiency.

Francisco Pérez, SGRwin Product Manager, presented the Network Telecommunications Management System, SGRwin, directed at the railway sector, focusing on the need for better communications that would provide better geographic coverage, availability and sufficient bandwidth.

Oscar López, Director General at  FIELDEAS , gave us his perspectives of what’s behind field work activities.

David Vilasack, IDboxRT Product Manager and Monitoring Manager, talked about the integration platform he is in charge of, that integrates ocesses and analyses.  During his presentation he showed the different components of IDboxRT.  Finally, he invited everyone in assistance to come to Madrid Monitoring Day, an annual event dedicated to finding monitoring solutions and their application to industry, that takes place on June 13th in Madrid.

Roberto Hidalgo, Systems Manager at CIC, reinforced the notion that we are constantly using data and the digital transformation has to lead us to the protection of that data: personal data, customer data, supplier, operations….

Javier Iglesias, Regional Key Account Manager in Spain , Portugal and North America markets for TALGO and Javier Hinojal, Business Development, Communications and Marketing Manager, at BOMBARDIER for Spain, spoke about the challenges facing the railways as a whole. 

A very useful and fruitful day that concluded in the Hotel Real in Santander.

To see a summary of the day’s events please go to:

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