Is your company prepared for a phishing scam?

Phishing consists of a cyber attack via an email that is designed for you to open and click on a link or document which will introduce software in your computer and allow it to steal data from it.

  • Phishing attacks directed at companies have increased by 55%
  • 43% of phishing schemes have been directed at SMEs
  • Phishing attacks are especially directed at company executives

How do phishing schemes and identity fraud work?

At CIC we can show you how exposed your business is to identity fraud and educate your employees on how easy it is to become a victim of one of these spear phishing schemes.

Directed at businesses with the following goals:

  • Measure and evaluate the degree of exposure to a real attack
  • Create an awareness of amongst your workforce on the importance of cyber security
  • Reduce the risk through periodic drills and simulations

How can we help you?

  • Define and design a personalised spear phishing drill for your company
  • Carry out the email drill campaign of cyber attack
  • Collect and analyse the data from the drill
  • Carry out an awareness campaign after the drill via a video
  • A full report with the results from the attack will be given to you
They rely on us Let´s start working together!

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