Information Security

CIC will help protect your company against any interruptions in your work as a result of any errors caused by a lapse in information security

We meet ISO 27001 standards (SI-0095/2009) which determines the requirements for security information management system. Our information security services goal is to protect and preserve your data, keeping in mind three precepts: confidentiality, integrity and availability.

What is Information Security (IS)?

The goal of an information security is to protect all the important data a business possesses. From internal data, to information regarding workers and clients. Information security encompasses different techniques and measures to control all the data that an organisation uses, as well as, ensuring that information remains secure within the company. This type of security must cope with risks, analyse them, prevent them and find quick solutions to eliminate them.

Your data is your company´s greatest asset. Is your information safe from a cyber attack?

Your data is very valuable and sensitive to your company. To guarantee and protect your data is key to your productivity. Data security depends on the way that data is processed by businesses.

All companies, governments, financial institutions, hospitals…. all have an enormous amount of confidential information about the business, clients, employees, patients, etc. This information is collected, processed, stored and used. It is possible that this data could fall into the wrong hands and this can have grave consequences. Your company´s reputation and credibility could be jeopardised; you could be sued and you could even go bankrupt.

For this reason, you have to find technological solutions to information security that will protect your data, a system that will allow you to know your protection status of your infrastructure and have the suitable tools for the efficient management of a cyber attack.

What are the benefits of the ISO 27001 standard for companies in Data Security Management?

  • Protect your company´s information from hackers, malwares, lost and stolen data.
  • Identify and minimise risks and damage
  • Set up security checks to manage and eliminate risks
  • Allows you to continue about your business in the event of a contingency
  • Confidentiality, guaranteeing that only authorised users can access to the information
  • Flexibility to adapt controls to all areas of your business or just the ones you want
  • Generate confidence and trust with your clients

It would be a mistake to think that information security is a waste of money because there´s no direct economic gain from it.

To protect oneself from a cyber attack will save you an uncalculated amount of money.

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