Support and maintenance

We guarantee comprehensive maintenance and support services to the companies which we work with.

The different tools and projects that we carry out at CIC are guaranteed by a comprehensive maintenance plan and have our full technical support.

Thanks to our technical support contract for our applications, you can rest assured that any doubt or problem you may have with your software will be solved quickly and effectively.

  • Professional Technicians: Services carried out by professionals with a remote control option at all times.
  • Incident Monitoring: We centralise all the incidents through a professional software program to be able to control and follow up every incident. Users can check and manage incidents online.
  • Flexible Timetable: We have a flexible timetable to adapt to our clients´ needs and a system that they only pay for the services that have been used.
  • Clear and Specific Contracts: Our help desk or support service is regulated by a contract and its conditions are detailed in SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Benefits of support maintenance contract service for bespoke solutions:

  • Single point incident resolution
  • Known and agreed response time
  • Lower incidents thanks to preventive maintenance of systems
  • Different fees for different services
  • Clear and transparent IT maintenance fees
  • Return on investment (ROI) from the outset thanks to cost savings

Thanks to our professional IT services you will be covered with our support and maintenance services for hardware and software, database, backup copy and data integrity, Terminal Server remote sessions, internet services, email, antivirus, antispam and availability services.

You will receive comprehensive maintenance and support services by our team of highly qualified professionals at all times.

They rely on us Let´s start working together!

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