Add-On: Sending Emails

Add-On: Sending Emails

With the sending email add-on you can streamline the email sending process and optimize the use of space in Dataverse. This solution will enable you to improve the management of your email communications and reduce storage costs without losing any valuable information.

Main Features

Instant Access to email Tracking

You will be able to track the emails you send. Monitor the status of each email, including date sent, delivery and associated replies.

Keep emails and Create Note Activities

Reply to old posts while keeping the original emails, making it easy to follow up on conversations. In addition, you can create note activities to record any relevant information related to the emails.

Automatic Linking to the Record/File

Take advantage of automatic linking of emails to the corresponding record or file in Dataverse. This will allow you to have a complete and organized history of communications related to each record, facilitating traceability and access to relevant information.

Easy Attachment Downloading

Easily download attachments in emails stored in SharePoint. Save time by having direct access to the files you need without having to search for them in different locations.

Improved Usability in email Management

Experience a significant improvement in usability when managing your emails. Our solution optimizes the interface and functionalities related to email management, providing you increased efficiency.

Save Space in Dataverse

You will be able to reduce the space used in Dataverse without losing important information. We intelligently store emails and their related items, allowing you to save storage costs without compromising the integrity of your data.

Main Advantages

Greater Control

Quickly access email tracking and maintain a complete history of communications related to your records.

Improved Efficiency

Reply to old posts, create notes and streamline your internal and external communication processes.

Optimal Organization

Automatically links emails to the corresponding records, simplifying information management and traceability.

Direct Access to Files

Easily download attachments stored in SharePoint, without the hassle and time consuming unnecessary searches.

Improved User Experience

Benefit from an improved interface and optimized functionalities for efficient email management.

Cost Savings

Reduce the space used in Dataverse and save on storage costs without losing any important data.

Maximize your e-mail communications and optimize space.


WITH reduction of DB space

  • 5000 Euros per package
  • PCF email with cold storage
  • Annual invoicing

WITHOUT reduction of DB space

  • 2500 Euros per package
  • PCF email with cold storage
  • Annual invoicing

*The installation of the addons within the licensing agreement, and at no additional cost, includes the development and pre-production environments per addon.

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