Add-on: Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Add-on: Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) add-on measures the performance, availability and support of your work teams, in order to guarantee the established response and resolution times. Take total control over your service!

Main Features

Real Time Measurement

Monitors the actual time remaining to complete a task or service commitment.  You’ll be able to accurately track your progress and make sure you meet your customer´s deadlines.

Customize Schedules, Timetables and Calendars

Personalize schedules, timetables and calendars according to the teams, people or organizations involved. This will allow you to have a clear view of response and resolution times, ensuring an efficient and punctual service.

Category-Based Setups

Our solution is based on different specifications, such as types of customers, priorities involved, among other factors. You will be able to define and assign specific parameters for each category, tailored to the needs of your customers and projects.

KPI Analysis and Measurement 

Analyze and measure the results you have obtained. This will provide you with relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to evaluate the compliance of SLAs and your work teams organization. Obtain valuable information to make data-driven decisions and optimize your processes.

Smart-Counter with Countdown-Timer

A smart counter displays the time remaining to meet the set commitments. The countdown option enables you to have a clear and real-time view of deadlines, avoiding delays and ensuring efficient time management.

Main Advantages

Meet Commitments

Ensure that your teams comply with the response and resolution times established in the service agreements.


Customize timetables, schedules, calendars and other categories according to your needs and the requirements of your clients and projects.

Management Optimization

Controls the effective time remaining to complete tasks, ensuring efficient management.

Analysis and continuous improvement

Use the KPIs provided to measure and evaluate your teams’ performance, identifying opportunities for improvement.

Clear Display

The smart counter with countdown timer gives you a clear and real-time view of the deadlines, avoiding delays and optimizing time management.

Optimize your service commitments and guarantee the quality and efficiency of your teams with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) add-on. Contact us today and find out how this solution can help your company!


5.000 per package

Annual invoicing

Max. 4 users

+200€ per additional user

*The installation of the addons within the licensing agreement, and at no additional cost, includes the development and pre-production environments per addon.

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