Add-On: Document Classification

Add-On: Document Classification

The Document Classification add-on is a powerful extension that extends Power Apps’ native features, providing you with advanced capabilities for the efficient classification and dynamic management of your files. This solution will allow you to take full command of your documents.

Main features

Customized Document Classification

Establish a customized classification for your documents by way of an easily modifiable master. You will be able to define the types of documents that best suit your needs and speed up the identification and classification of files.

Fast Uploading with Drag & Drop

Simplify document uploading by dragging and dropping (Drag & Drop). Now you can upload multiple files quickly and easily, optimizing your workflow and saving time.

Color System for Easy Searches

Allocate a custom color system for each document type, making it easier to search and visually identify it on the SharePoint platform. You can quickly distinguish the different document types at a glance and find the information you need quickly.

Mandatory Nature of the Process Phases

Indicates the mandatory nature of certain types of documents in each phase of the process. This function is especially useful in administrative procedures, where it is essential to have the correct documentation at each stage. Improve the efficiency of your workflows by ensuring that the required documents are present at each stage.


Efficient Organization

Classify and organize your documents correctly, simplifying your management and improving access to information.

Save Time

Upload multiple files quickly with drag & drop, thereby reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Quick Searches

Use the color system assigned to document types to quickly find the information you need on the SharePoint platform.

Compliance with Procedures

Ensures that the required documents are mandatory at each stage of the process, ensuring regulatory compliance and avoiding errors.

Improve your document management with the Document Classification add-on. Optimize your workflows, streamline your searches and take full control of your files. Contact us today and find out how our solution can transform your company!


2.500 per user package

Annual invoicing

Max. 4 users per package

+200€ per additional user

*The installation of the addons within the licensing agreement, and at no additional cost, includes the development and pre-production environments per addon.

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