IP Networks

We design, supply, customise and manage IP networks so that your company can connect its IT systems to an internal network or the Internet.

We do the network equipment maintenance via remote support or on-site. We also offer training to your company´s IT department. You can rest assured that our years of experience are our best guarantee for your company. Our alliances and certified professionals with the biggest names in the business are a further guarantee. (Cisco, HP, Dell, Extreme Networks/Enterasys…)


  • Switching: (Electronic commutation or Level 2) with manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper, HP/Aruba, Dell/Force10, Fortinet…
  • Routing: (Network interconnectivity or Level 3) From Internet ADSL/Cable/3G to advanced systems, from manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper, Teldat…
  • Integration with other systems, networks and devices converters (Digi, MOXA, IOLAN, Davantel, …)
  • Integrated Security: secure network expansion in line with our Cybersecurity For3 strategy.
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