We provide you the key for the proper operations and security of your systems and infrastructures

When any computer, database or component of your IT infrastructure breaks down, this not only has an effect on your work, but also has a financial cost, which must be remedied so that your work can resume immediately.

At CIC we guarantee effective and professional technical support and maintenance of your IT infrastructure

Correct and continuous functioning of your systems and services, covered by an ICT infrastructure support is our goal.

By means of a comprehensive analysis of possible break downs in the software or hardware of your computers, we can help you minimise the risks, thereby, maximising productivity and guaranteeing that your work goes uninterrupted.

Depending on each company´s needs, different tools and services are required.  From the most basic solutions (email, web pages and cyber-security) to the most advanced (Virtual meeting platforms, access to company data from any device) CIC has the solution that you need.

So that a company can reach the pinnacle of the digital transformation, it is necessary to adopt a new IT culture that will further your company´s advancement.

  • Hardware and Software
  • Database and integrity
  • Remote Sessions
  • Internet Services
  • Availability Services

From CIC we can offer:

  • Our quality warranty in IT Infrastructure maintenance and support
  • Monitoring and administrating your network and systems
  • Technology at the service of your enterprise

Our support and maintenance team is made up of highly skilled IT professionals. They have years of experience and know-how in the maintenance of computers, servers and infrastructures, so that they work correctly, thereby guaranteeing a minimum of downtime to maximise your productivity.

  • ENSA
  • Garvasa
  • Universidad de Cantabria
  • Aguas de Burgos
  • Iberdrola
  • Viesgo
  • Anav
  • Autoridad Portuaria de Santander
  • Palibex
  • Bolsas y Mercados Españoles
  • Saltoki
  • Norbert Dentressangle
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