ALMACENAV · Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

 Do you need a software solution to manage a cold storage warehouse of your company?

Developed on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Designed to manage traceability of the goods through batch allocation from the input to output during the entire route throughout the warehouse, including allocation of goods at any moment.

ALMACENAV, our warehouse management software, you will get a detailed control of inputs and receptions by the customers. Manage the goods traceability through batch allocation from the input to output of the warehouse along the journey including its allocation at any moment.


  • Process of location of the received goods through portable data terminals
  • Logistics information management (weight, volume, packaging and palletization, measurement units)
  • Graphs and charts for data visualization to consult inventory of the warehouse
  • Internal movements management with a control option through portable data terminals
  • Integration of the EDI system of files exchange for inputs, outputs and billing
  • Replenishment of bins in the warehouse through determination of replenishment thresholds
  • Structured workflow which reflects the warehouse operational phases from reception to shipment, registering allocation of the received goods, picking and internal movements between cold storage and locations
  • Agility of warehouse operations thanks to portable data terminals
  • Picking area management
  • Detailed analysis of the warehouse movements with the possibility to base billing on these movements (input, output, warehouse timing and a cold storage type).

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