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26 mayo, 2014 blog · Movilidad · Transformación digital

Can your company afford an App to extend the brand and boost marketing?

o0o Can your company afford  an App to extend the brand and boost marketing?

Mobile apps as new marketing channel

It is not eassy to entrepreneurs see the benefits on extending marketing of their business to mobiles. What is the point if we have already a web page? Regarding that users awake up with their tablets and sleep with their mobiles, let´s see if I can help on opening this innovation window.

To extend your market to mobile devices represents an easy way to keep in contact with your customers anytime and anywhere. It represents a way to attract new customers to your business and consolidate his/her fidelity. It is also important for giving an appearance of modernity to your company, in particular among young and professional customers. Advantages extend as well to your employs where mobility offers an organized and corporative way to work, helping to be more operative and to the correct decision making.

How to boost your company brand through movile devices in affordable way?

Apps require an initial investment and maintenance. Although ROI is fast initially, it is very difficult to be among the “Top 10″ of the markets and even more staying long among them. Unfortunately, it would be deficient in the absence of coverage, they have to adapt to changes in your business processes and it has to be developed supporting the rapid changes in multiple devices.

To overcome these disadvantages CIC develops native Apps to the most popular mobile platforms. Our products work with and without connection because it storages the information at the mobile until the connection is reached again. CIC developments supporting changes on the devices, included at the maintenance, and all information is stored either on the cloud or at your business corporative systems.

Specifically for marketing, CIC has a product called o0o. o0o shows the news, images, calendar events (with geoposition) and videos of your products on mobile devices.

You can also add any information about you company history, “where you are“, addresses, telephones, timetable or the catalogue of your products.

The information is managed at the administrator o0o web portal and it is synchronized with Social Media such as facebook calendar, Youtube, Vimeo, Ficker…

You can try your mobile solution at where is our oOo demo portal.